Al HaTzadikim / Journeys Five / Performed by Avraham Fried על הצדיקים – אברהם פריד שר אייבי רוטנברג

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The uplifting tale depicted in this video is a true story. It took place right before Pesach in 1945. It portrays the devotion and wisdom of two great Rebbes in the aftermath of the destruction of European Jewry during the Holocaust. It also serves as a microcosm of the role great and saintly leaders play in enriching our lives and guiding us in every generation.

Audio Credits:
Words & Music by: Abie Rotenberg
Performed by: Avraham Fried
Arranged by: Doni Gross & Abie Rotenberg
Piano: Yaron Gershovsky

Video Credits:
Produced by: Abie Rotenberg
Executive Producer: R’ Mutty Grunberg
Associate Producer: Malki New
Sand Artistry by: Aharon Zev Bernstien
Stop Motion Videography & Visual Effects: Ruti Friedlicht
Resource Material & Additional Editing: Rochie Diena

Al Hatzadikim and other inspiring songs are featured on Journeys Volume Five.

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