BERI and The LPR Project | Kacha – Vatosif – Layehudim (Live)

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"When Beri and The LPR Project get together something amazing will happen"

Erev Rosh Chodesh Adar…
Beri and The LPR Project got together lit some candles, drank some wine, and made a Farbreng for hours…

Beri composed three original songs during the jamming… the film was rolling… We edited it and made it into a 10 min clip!
Enjoy this prepurim trip!

Available for download!

🍷Thank you Heshy Jay for the beautiful venue! Location: “Space “ The Brooklyn Loft #scooplifestyle
🍷Thank you JJ Greenwald for designing the set up!
🍷David Jacobwitz provided the lighting
🍷Lipa Meisels engineered the Live sound
🍷Eli Lax did the audio edit
🍷Gershy Schwarcz did the vocal edit
🍷Aryeh Kunstler did the mix
🍷Ben Hesh and Munch Media Shot the video and Munch edited it! His number is 9293262319 if you wanna hire him.
🍷Shia Fried (JJ's son) stopped by, although Hanz Zimmer wasn't there.
🍷Chumi Glick created the beautiful graphic.
🍷Avrum Mordchai Schwartz wrote the Gramen
🍷BERI is Beri Weber
🍷The LPR Project is Eli Lax, Avromi Basch, Moishy Shwartz, and whoever is able to trip along.
🍷Eli Lax produced this video, along with the rest of the stuff Beri does.
🍷Thanks all who put everything aside and are able to check-in to good music from time to time.
🍷Happy Purim!

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