Yerushalayim by Miami Boys Choir lyrics translation – Rabbi reveals the REAL meaning

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You may have heard of this fantastic song performance taking the internet by storm. An instant viral TikTok sensation. But, why? Is it the rankings that people love to offer between Yoshi, Binyomin, David and C. Abramowitz? Is that it?
Is it the tune that gets stuck in your head for weeks on end? The passionate display in their Live version? Maybe it's Yerachmiel Begun and his lively directing. Jewish pop in general? (KPop?)
Or maybe, just maybe, it's something deeper. Something Godly.
Join Rabbi Manis Friedman, YouTube's favorite Rabbi, as he unravels the mystery of these now-world famous words.

"Yerushalayim harim saviv lah, VaHashem saviv l'amo me'ata ve'ad olam" translates as:
"O Jerusalem, mountains surround her, and God surrounds His People, from now and for all time."

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